Jeanne White with Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley: A Caregiver Depressed or Suicide Thoughts

Written by on November 26, 2019

Jeanne White

Hello everyone, I am thrilled that I have completed a wonderful interview with Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley, speaking about her journey as a caregiver.  Elizabeth speaks very candidly on her story as a caregiver for her mother.  How it finally caught up with her with the feeling of depression, suicidal thoughts and when she realized she desperately needed help.  How her husband helped her through the depression and much more.  This video is so dynamic on Elizabeth’s journey.  What are your thoughts on caregivers and the many challenges they have?   If you have any questions are issues you have encountered, you can also send your questions to Elizabeth.



Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley

You can contact Elizabeth via her email address at

Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley has a  Facebook page for the Every Day Caregivers. To learn more about this community  Click here  Every Day Caregivers  There is also a weekly Facebook live chat that Elizabeth provides on Wednesdays.  This may be the community group you have been looking for.

To visit Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley’s website everdaycaregivers  You will have an opportunity to read Elizabeth’s personal story of her journey as a caregiver. 

While I was on Elizabeth’s website, I came across this excellent gift for the caregiver.  As a caregiver, there are many different duties you have to do.  Now one example is the appointment for the doctor and there perhaps could be more than one Doctor to see. How do you manage all the names and appointments?  This planner is so perfect for many items you have to remember besides the Doctor appointments.  I really think that this would be such a very great gift for the caregiver. After you review on Elizabeth’s website, let me know what you think.

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This is also National Caregivers Month a time to recognize, support, and empower family caregivers.  Do something to support the many caregivers that work many hours without much support.  For the families or friends of the caregiver, here is a suggestion.  Why don’t you give some of your free time for the caregiver to have a day to themselves?  What a great early Holiday Gift that would be. Please remember the caregiver and help in some small way.  


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