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Today on Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls Psychic Show, Jackie interviewed Pauline Mary Oliver, Born a natural medium, Pauline kindly shared some of her many mediumistic experiences of contact with spirit animals and spirit people, proving after-death survival for all beings. Pauline has worked for over 30 years in insurance and banking, when a friend said she goes to a Spiritualist Church, Pauline asked, “Please take me.” Pauline had recently tragically lost her 51-year-old husband John, at this young age, a year after moving into her current home of many years. With that Spiritualist Church visit, so began Pauline’s 26-year journey into Spiritualism to date. However, being a natural medium, aware of spirit people and spirit animals since childhood, Pauline’s mediumistic journey has never ceased.

Pauline is a keen attendee at Conferences on Spiritualism around the United Kingdom. Pauline shared with listeners fascinating details of some of her many mediumistic sightings of spirit people and spirit animals, including her treasured experience of an immense, unforgettable Angel filling her living room with light. Listeners will find Pauline’s descriptions truly amazing and unforgettable. At the angel’s side stood, with a much smaller stature, her husband who had recently passed to spirit at that time.

Pauline discussed Mot the dog communicating his unusual name from spirit and that his leg is better now and her two rescue cats appearing as orbs by her fireside. Recently, in an Orthodox Church, Pauline saw a spirit child standing with the spirit child’s father. Presumably, they wanted to tell an orthodox churchgoer they were alive and well and not to grieve or think of them as ‘dead.’ Pauline thought it best not to contradict anyone’s beliefs with this information. She would have gladly described these spirits, heights, features, and messages, to the related mourner, if they had wanted their grief alleviated and their views regarding life after death changed.

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