Wake up people of childbearing age!


The state of Texas is seeking to impose the death penalty for women who terminate pregnancies. The state of Ohio plans to incarcerate pregnant women and their care providers for terminating unintended pregnancies, even in cases of rape and incest. Since the 2018 appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, thirty states have tried to restrict abortion with more than two hundred-fifty new laws.


Do you think you’re too careful to ever have to face the possibility of an unintended pregnancy? Then, you’ve seriously underestimated the remarkable power of fertility. No birth control method, other than abstinence from intercourse, is 100% effective. Even in men and women who have undergone permanent sterilization procedures (vasectomy and tubal ligation), the rate of pregnancy is still one percent. So if one million sterilized people are sexually active, that computes to ten thousand unintended pregnancies. Most birth control methods are not even effective at the 99% level achieved by having one’s tubes tied. Many methods are only 70-90 % effective. Check the Planned Parenthood website to see how risky your method is. At least half of the people who seek to terminate unwanted pregnancies, report that their method of birth control failed.


Though less than a quarter of all Americans adhere to the Catholic faith, the U.S. Supreme Court conservative majority is now comprised of five elderly Catholic men. Four of the Supreme Court justices received their education in Catholic institutions, and in the course of their judicial careers, all five have made decisions that violate women’s rights to privacy, autonomy and reproductive choice. Two of the Supreme Court justices have been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple victims, and two of the Justices are already on record for promoting the reversal of Roe v. Wade, the forty-five year-old Supreme Court decision that gave women limited legal ownership of their pregnancies. States that are passing laws to end access to safe abortion believe that the Supreme Court will now favor their position.


Nobody Else’s Business, a new novel written by a medical doctor, illuminates why the issue of reproductive rights has become the most divisive issue in modern history.

  • A vocal minority believes that aborting a fetus is morally wrong, while a silent majority believes that bearing an unwanted child, or a child they are unable to provide for, is morally wrong.  
  • A minority believes that no matter how defective a fetus is, it’s criminal to abort it, but the majority believes that it’s criminal to knowingly bring a child into this world, when that child’s life may primarily be about pain and suffering.


Gain insight about this complex human dilemma in this fast reading novel about what happens to Pro-Life politicians when they are personally confronted by unintended pregnancies in their own families.  

Nobody Else’s Business is available in paperback and Kindle editions at, and in paperback at

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