Sue Fernandez on Medicare Enrollment and the Swing Bed Program

Sue Fernandez Advocate -Consultant


Sue Fernandez Advocate and Consultant is a guest speaker on Passionate World Talk Radio monthly.  Today Sue Fernandez wants to bring attention to the Medicare Open enrollment for Insurance starting October 15th.  Sue suggests if you have any questions to contact your Local State SHIP Office for assistance.  Sue also takes about a new infection called Candida Infection.  What is this infection and how is this infection transmitted.  Also, hear about a Swing Bed Program and Medicare.  Sue provides valuable information and shame on you if you do not listen to this information.  Also,  Sue’s “Did you Know” on a  Swing Bed and Medicare.

You can spare a few minutes to contact Sue for help or what you would like to know more about.

I suggest you have a pencil and paper to take down the information that could be important for you to know.  To listen to this interview with Sue Fernandez Click here to listen…

To contact Sue Fernandez with any questions and comments to

You will at some time in your journey you will need a person like Sue Fernandez. There is much information and directions to get that information it can be overwhelming.  Sue will help you out on how to find and use the information that you will nee.

To contact Sue Fernandez as a speaker for an Event or Consultant that will provide much-needed information for caregivers, contact Sue Fernandez  Sue will bring a speaker for your next event.

You need to be aware of what it takes to be a caregiver for a loved one.  We are helping with this series that provides some solutions in your journey as a caregiver.  We are looking for ideas and solutions that you may help with.

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