Sue Fernandez – What is a Geriatric Care Manger and why you need their help

Sue Fernandez

Sue Fernandez is a Community Educator and attends various events to speak on Dementia/Alzheimer.   This is the introduction to Sue appearing monthly on the Caregiver Series.   Sue will help provide information on the various issues that all caregivers will need to know about.  Sue Fernandez is well versed on the some of the many issues that many caregivers have. Just try  finding information on medicare and you are overwhelmed.  Sometimes it is a giant maze for many and Sue Fernandez has a wealth of resources to help you.

The first monthly discussion is on Geriatric Care Manager and their Role.  They help in so many ways.  Finding resources and help with making some hard decisions, are just a few of  the items the Geriatric Care Manager will help you with.   Let me suggest that you have a pencil and paper because Sue gives much information on help with moving through finding the information you need.

Here is a question you caregivers need to know on when a loved one is admitted to the hospital “What is “Observation Status” and how could it cost you and not Medicare a lot of money.  You can hear what Sue has to say about this.  What an eye opener!!

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Sue also talked about a book called 47 Secret Veteran Benefits for Seniors.  Can be purchased on

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