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Betsy’s special guest is Eagle Scout and Retired Colonel Claude Schmid, who served 31 years in the United States Army.

During his distinguished military career, Claude held seven command positions and completed two tours in Iraq, earning two bronze stars. He served three years as the Chief of the Army’s Wounded Warrior Flight Program. Driven by the belief that no veteran should spend their final moments alone, Claude volunteers extensively for veterans in hospice care.

In 2019, Claude founded the National 501(c)3 non-profit organization Veteran’s Last Patrol, dedicated to befriending, honoring, and supporting veterans in end-of-life care. He is also the author of “Princes of War: A Novel of America in Iraq.”

In this informative interview, Claude discusses why he created Veteran’s Last Patrol, with its mission of “bringing friendship to veterans in hospice care.” He highlights various ways people can get involved, such as participating in the Cards of Gratitude and Operation Holiday Salute programs. Interested individuals can contact Veteran’s Last Patrol to learn about becoming hospice volunteers for veterans in their local area.

Claude explains how Veteran’s Last Patrol provides companionship and support to veterans and their families in hospice care. Currently active in 27 states, the organization seeking supporters and volunteers nationwide. We also discussed how volunteering benefits everyone involved.

Betsy highly recommends visiting the website to learn more about getting involved and to see the impactful work being done, such as honor ceremonies, honor rides, and car shows. Betsy was deeply moved when she discovered Veteran’s Last Patrol on LinkedIn and decided to participate in the card programs and purchase a shirt from the website.

📌We present this compelling interview with Betsy Wurzel and Retired Colonel Claude Schmid, highlighting his dedicated mission to provide comfort and support to our veterans. Click here to listen…

Betsy encourages listeners, especially those in VFW or other veterans groups, to join forces with Veteran’s Last Patrol to befriend, honor, and support veterans during their final patrol on earth. they discussed the importance of honoring and remembering our veterans in their time of need and the challenges posed by the pandemic in providing them with companionship.

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