Today’s guest is Gramps Jeffrey aka Marc Joseph who is the Author of ‘I DON’T WANT TO TURN 3″. Also, Gramps Jeffrey also is the Author of The Secrets of Retailing ..How to Beat Walmart.” and a contributor to the Huffington Post which was over 100 articles on various business topics! Gramps Jeffrey is a Firebird Book Award Winner and Mom’s Choice Award Winner.

Betsy Wurzel and Gramps Jeffrey discussed how different parenting and grandparenting are today versus when the baby boomer generation experienced it!  They discussed how important it is to read to our children/grandchildren. How we can communicate even when we are miles away, why it is so important to keep communication lines open, and how children can learn valuable life lessons from their grandparents! Gramps Jeffrey is the CoFounder of for Baby Boomers to keep informed of healthcare issues, technology, and other important information.

You will absolutely learn much from toddlers turning 3 and how confusing it must be for the toddler:

Betsy expressed this book should be in every preschool, daycare, and Kindergarten library!
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