Betsy’s guest today is Jennifer Ffolliott-Oujla, a seasoned expert in dementia care. With over 26 years of caregiving experience and as the Founder and CEO of Dementia Care Kit, as well as the Founder of Soul Care for Dementia Caregivers Support Group on Facebook, Jennifer is deeply committed to supporting caregivers on their journey. A proficient public speaker, she excels at organizing transformative events, collectives, and conferences aimed at empowering caregivers.

Jennifer’s motivation to start her business stems from her personal experience; witnessing her mother struggle to find resources to care for her husband, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. In our discussion, Jennifer shed light on the significance of the Dementia Care Kit, a comprehensive toolkit designed to aid caregivers in caring for themselves while tending to their loved ones. We delved into the importance of self-care, familiarizing oneself with local resources, and recognizing when to seek assistance.

Moreover, Jennifer emphasized the value of education for caregivers and their loved ones, stressing the importance of advocacy. She shared insights into the free Caregiver’s Communication Book on her website, highlighting its role in preparing caregivers for doctor’s appointments and providing essential information for effective care.

Jennifer offers coaching, workshops, masterclasses, and a writing course tailored for caregivers interested in sharing their stories. Through her multifaceted approach, Jennifer aims to equip caregivers with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to navigate the complexities of dementia care with confidence and compassion.

We are providing the audio interview in this blog with Betsy Wurzel and Jennifer Ffolliott-Oujla: 📌📌Click here to listen…

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