Lest We Forget is providing a new series for the Month of June. June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and the new series episode is about the Transgender, LGBTQ+ Community, History, Challenges, and Healthcare Issues facing the LGBTQ+ Community. There are many challenges for the LGBTQ+ Community.

Lillian Cauldwell discussed historical facts about the LGBTQ+ Community and the prejudices they face today.

Lisa Skinner discussed the many challenges the LGBTQ+ Community faces such as abuse, violence, medical health disparities, and discrimination.

Betsy Wurzel discussed how the LGBTQ+ Communities do not feel welcomed in support groups, face discrimination in Healthcare, and have Healthcare concerns such as if they will be treated the same as heterosexuals! Betsy gave some examples of people she has previously interviewed on her show that have faced such issues on Chatting with Betsy. Betsy provided information on how all people from all walks of life are welcomed to her group #KickAlzheimersAssMovement on Facebook.

We are providing the Audio Interview for this Monthly Series:  Concerning issues that will have an impact on the LGBTQ+ Community:

What are Cisgenders? Are you curious -Text us! Code Word: Cisgender 484-364-1032

Contact and Resource Information:

Lisa Skinner
Pew Research Center:  Resource
Black Lives Matter:  Make it Home Safe
Lillian Cauldwell
Gay Rights:  Resource
Library of Congress: The Mattchine Society 
Betsy Wurzel
Facebook: #kickalzheimersassmovement
Movement Advancement Project: State Laws
Lillian Cauldwell:
Lisa Skinner:
Webpage: Lisa Skinner
Betsy Wurzel:
Webpage: Betsy Wurzel
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