Today’s guest is Marcia Burr who is a dear friend, and my first mentor in Dementiaville!  Marcia is on the Board of Directors for Elder Options in Williston, Florida, a Certified Tai- Chi and Qigong instructor, and has a YouTube channel.

Marcia Burr discusses eldercare abuse fraud that her friend experienced and what steps you can take to report eldercare fraud, how Tai Chi and Qigong are helping Marcia’s health, and how she enjoys teaching the classes. 
Betsy and Marcia also discussed the importance of education and finding our local resources to help us!  Marcia said, “We are all walking each other home” and “No room to save for love”. They both discussed why it is so important for the present and past caregivers to share their journeys to help those who are starting their journeys!  Marcia discusses how thoughts become things and how caregiving has changed her life!
Marcia Burr was a caregiver for her wife, Gaydon, and is still caregiving for others! Marcia’s Dementiaville  Highway for beautiful videos which raise awareness of all Dementia!
We are proving the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Marcia Burr on the journey as a caregiver:

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