Jackie Jones Hunt welcomes medium Claire Maria Atkins to the 16th Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show. Claire, a medium since childhood, does private sittings and works as a psychic artist, painting spirit
guides, spirit pets, and pets on the material plane. She is clairvoyant (seeing), clairsentient (sensing), and clairaudient (hearing). Claire talked of 20 years ago after a traumatic childhood followed by an abusive marriage, being in a dark emotional place, when she had a never to be forgotten experience of her guardian angel, manifesting as a golden light, in human form, which totally saved, and uplifted

Claire shared with listeners, that a dog communicator from spirit, showed her his house and telepathically conveyed to the human parent, that he didn’t feel pain, granddad met and collected him that he knew to go with human granddad, and that he still goes walks with his human mum, although she doesn’t see him but does hear the spirit dog’s footsteps around the house.

Claire talked of returning from the garden center with a tree and plants, when, to her surprise, she telepathically heard the tree saying, “I’m weak!” Claire asked her Celtic Guide to help and after giving plentiful nutrients and water to the tree it became much stronger and if she hadn’t, she realized it may well have died! She also telepathically heard a lavender plant saying; “Please don’t separate me from the other lavender plant, you must plant us together!!”

We are providing the audio interview with Jackie and Claire on this journey of communicating with Spirit:

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