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We have the following types of shows and length of time.  Call us for more information. 

Jeanne White, Station Manager 


a) Blog

b) Podcast

c) 30-minute show

d) 60-minute show

e) Video (15 minutes or less)

f) Virtual remote video (20 minutes or less)

Let’s talk about you being a Host on Passionate World Talk Radio.  Bring your voice to the World.   


Some information about Passionate World Talk Radio 

Let Passionate World Talk Radio make it happen!

PWTalkRadio is based on 3 principles:

Provide a Conduit for voices not otherwise heard in this noisy world;

Provide quality content and information to the listener so they use it immediately in personal, business, and spiritual life;

Sweep out and under the taboo and forbidden topics, none wants to discuss, discuss them, and provide action plans for those wishing to leave a ripple behind.

PWTalkRadio stands for Passionate World Talk Radio LLC.

The station began late December 2005 with zero listeners. Today, 2018, PWRN has garnered more than 13 million listeners from 130 countries.

Our main audience are Millennial. 58% male. 42% female. 18-35.

Demographics include Universities and colleges worldwide, Financial/Bank/Investment, Military/Police, Boards of Education, School Districts, Libraries, Technology, Food, Sports, and Entertainment.

PWTalkRadio programs are presented in the podcast (15 minutes or less), 30 and 60 minutes programming, blogs, and comments, remote video (15 minutes or less) and virtual remote video.

We have a diverse host base. We’re looking for hosts who speak a second language and wish to share their program with their community in their second language.  ♥ What a great way to help promote in your community in your native language.  

For example, Carlos Garcia speaks Spanish and does two programs in Spanish to the Latino community. It helps Carlos that individuals in Mexico already listen to PWTR and have called in to let us know!


Cell: 484-643-1032
Bs.:  484-755-5166

To become successful one must place themselves in the path of a giant, Passionate World Talk Radio!”

Passionate World Talk Radio 

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