How to prepare for a Disaster and being a Caregiver at the same time


Marcia Burr


Marcia Burr is a monthly guest host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  For the show, this month with Marcia is preparing for a  disaster.  Marcia used the massive hurricane Dorian that was moving towards Florida.  What type of preparation, you would need water, batteries, food and much more.  In that preparation, you are also a caregiver for a loved one with Dementia/Alzheimers. What other items do you need for your loved one? There could be a long list of items for survival.  You made need to have a list of items that would include, medication, clothing, social security card and more.  Most Floridians already have disaster boxes with much-needed items and information.  So like a Floridan a Caregiver also needs a Disaster Box with items for their loved one.  Marcia discusses the items that are so important to have now.  A disaster could be anything, flood, Ice storm, loss of power or the caregiver could have a medical emergency.  Who will know what to do for your loved one while you are in the hospital? Please listen to this audio with Marcia, you just never know when you will need that Disaster Box.

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World Alzheimer’s Month

Marcia also talked about World Alzheimers Awareness Month.  This would be a great time to help promote this to all your social media contacts,

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Also, Marcia also talked about the Alziherimers Music Festival presented by Dementia Spotlight  Click here to get more information on this amazing event.  Dementia Spotlight  

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