By Jeanne White and Vicki Zandier
May 17, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way that many functions operated. Funeral services were no exception. Betsy Wurzel interviewed Wade Simmon, a funeral worker who faced difficulties throughout the pandemic.

Many rules were put in place to protect both the workers at the funeral home and the families who were experiencing the loss of a loved one. Holding the typical funeral where immediate and extended families attended along with friends of the deceased individual was no longer a possibility. The rule that created the most controversy was the decision to limit how many people attended the funeral. It was not just Simmon that implemented this rule; it was the entire funeral industry.

The primary controversy revolved around being unable to grieve properly. Many people felt as if they were being denied the opportunity to say one final goodbye to their loved ones. What people soon came to realize was that funeral workers, like Simmon, were doing their best to ensure that everyone was staying safe and the number of funerals held due to COVID-19 complications would decrease.


“Life is a gift not to be taken for granted.”

– Wade Simmon


Wurzel wanted to know more about Simmon beyond what he does for the funeral home and grieving families. He has always held a great interest in the film industry. He discussed his favorite film director, George Lucas, and how he has had a significant impact on his journey in life. Simmon also holds an interest professional wrestling stemming from his time wrestling in high school. Neither of these directly relate to his current career path as a funeral director, but that is exactly his goal in life. He wants to expand his horizons and experience the world through different lenses. Being a funeral worker has allowed him to meet people from all different paths of life. 
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“Nothing happens if you don’t get involved in making a difference.”
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