Today’s guest is Sarah Stelmach-Brown who is the Host and Producer of the Podcast, “Caregiver Chronicles “and the Mom of 2 sons with autism spectrum.

Sarah Stelmach-Brown gives a pure honest and raw interview about how Sarah doesn’t do it all!  Sarah discusses how her husband, Jeremy Brown edits her podcast and helps support Sarah by helping with the children and running the household.
Sarah discusses how she worked as a Certified  Nursing Assistant and Certified  Medication Technician, had Caregiver Burnout from home and work, and the effects of working during the pandemic. How Sarah and Jeremy started  “Caregiver Chronicles ” to help other caregivers and the many challenges of having two children with Autism Spectrum.
Sarah also had family members with Alzheimer’s  Disease! Betsy was a guest on Caregiver Chronicles in November 2022. Betsy speaks very highly and recommends Caregiver Chronicles Podcast for help. This is a heartfelt powerful interview where Betsy and Sarh discuss the mental health issues that many are having.
We are providing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Sarah Stelmach-Brown on caregiving and the many issues that deal with on a daily basis.
Please speak to your Primary Care Physician about referrals in your area for mental health care.
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