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Sue Fernandez, Consultant,  Advocate for Caregivers. Sue is the go-to person that will help you with the questions you have. Each month Sue provides Tips, Referrals, and Resources for caregivers.  Sue also provides the “Word of the Day” and “Did you Know” segment in each interview and both provide important information.

If you are looking for a speaker that could provide much-needed information for caregivers, contact Sue Fernandez

This show is called “The Good, Bad and the Ugly”.  What is a noncompliant caregiver?  Sue talks about the noncompliant caregiver. There could be many reasons why some caregivers are noncompliant.  Another reason to listen to the interview is the new segment “Did You Know” So listen and hear the Word of the Day and Did you Know.

I suggest you have a pencil and paper to take down the information that could be important for you to know.  To listen to this interview with Sue Fernandez  Click here to listen…

This is one of the resources California Advocates for Nursing  Sue discussed this website in the interview. This is for the State of California, but are there cheat sheets to you, could you?  Also, perhaps Canher may know how to locate similar Associations in your State to help you. There are many more resources that Sue provides in this interview and I really suggest that if you have any questions, please contact Sue Fernandez.

“What is the GOGO Parents”? If you listen to the interview, you will hear about the GOGO Parents.  Would this help you?

To contact Sue Fernandez with any questions and comments to

You need to be aware of what it takes to be a caregiver for a loved one.  We are helping with this series that provides some solutions in your journey as a caregiver.  We are looking for ideas and solutions that you may help with.

Let’s start a Panel of caregivers that can come up with ideas to make being a caregiver just a little easier.  Please get involved.

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