Today’s phenomenal guest is Betsy’s dear friend, Dr. George Ackerman, Ph.D., J.D., MBA, the Creator and Founder of Together for Sharon® support group and advocacy work. He is a fierce advocate for Parkinson’s Disease, a guest speaker, co-host of the Together for Sharon Podcast, and the host of Q&A with Sharon’s Son, George. George and Betsy also collaborate on a monthly blog for caregivers, The Tackling Tough Topics Blog, where we discuss important caregiving topics.

Dr. Ackerman is the writer and author of his first published book, “A SON’S JOURNEY from PARKINSON’S CAREGIVER TO ADVOCATE”, IN MEMORY OF MY MOTHER SHARON. This informative and inspiring interview delves into George’s motivation to start the Together For Sharon support group and advocacy work in honor of his mother, Sharon, aiming to raise awareness about Parkinson’s Disease, advocate for a cure, and support individuals and families affected by the condition. George shares the reasons behind writing this book, aiming to assist caregivers, share his experiences, and reassure people that they are not alone.

They discussed grieving, and the lack of support, especially for men and those who have lost loved ones to Parkinson’s Disease. George Ackerman wants people to know: We love you, We support you, and You are not alone! He encourages people to keep fighting and not give up.

We also explore George’s advocacy work and his plans for future book publications. Additionally, George shares his experience of meeting his hero, Michael J. Fox.

Betsy highly recommends visiting the Together for Sharon website, which offers a wealth of resources, information, and access to all of George’s podcasts. She suggests reading the articles, and blogs, and exploring the various Parkinson’s Disease organizations available at

We are providing the audio interview in this Blog for your convenience to listen to this interview with Betsy Wurzel and Dr. George Ackerman on caregivers to advocate for Parkinson’s Disease:🛑Click here to listen…


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  • by Caroline McGaughey
    Posted May 25, 2024

    My spouse was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His symptoms included excruciating calf pain, muscular aches, tremors, slurred speech, frequent falls, loss of balance, and trouble standing up from a seated posture. After six months on Senemet, Siferol was given to him in place of the Senemet. It was also at this period that he was diagnosed with dementia. He began seeing hallucinations and became detached from reality. With the doctor’s approval, we stopped giving him Siferol and chose to try the Ability Health Center PD-5 protocol, which we had previously investigated. After three months of therapy, he has made significant progress. The illness has been completely contained. There are no symptoms of persistent twitching, weakness, tremors, hallucinations, or muscle soreness. The PD-5 Protocol was obtained from Though you still need to determine what works best for you, I thought I would share my husband’s story in case it could be helpful. Greetings and prayers

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