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Before starting our conversation l invite you to observe a moment of silence In honor of Covid-19 victims. 


Fear is a topic common to all human beings because most people tend to be afraid, 


It is a human inclination to display fear when confronted with some kind of danger and Anxiety is induced by an actual or potential threat to our well being. This is why the Italian Renaissance writer Machiavelli in his book The Princeenhances the use of Fear as a very effective way for Rulers to keep their people in order

With Covid19 Pandemic we are far away from this assumptionWe feel surrounded by death. So many lives were taken, more than47.000 thousand in the United States and 180.000 Worldwide: those are frightening numbers. In these circumstances, Fear of losing loved ones is a normal human experience, fear of our own death is a basic instinct

About the future is a concern. While the unemployment rate is rising at an exponential speed we are afraid to fall into that category. We could lose our home or experience the lack of food; there is a spike in demand for Food Pantries as millions of people find themselves laid off

All things considered, it seems to be an apocalyptic scenery unseen before

We know more than ever that humans have limitations, there are so many things we are not able to control: We were already aware of our incapacity to stop Mother Nature when major hurricane or Earthquakes occur inducing deadly situations that leave us in a state of fear

The pandemic circumstances emphasize our limitations resulting in our incapacity to grasp And control Covid19

Should we continue to fear and stay in despair? Fear and Anxiety paralyze we would rather take action and continue to work hard


Religions teach us, Hope. We need to pray and meditate to be closer to the Almighty, he will guide us and pave our way into tomorrow

In Islam, Allah pours courage into our hearts, where there is Fear, there cannot be faith in God. What better source of peace and security is besides Allah?” 

Muslims around the world did start today the Holy month of Ramadan, a month of fastening prayers and sacrifice. We wish them a happy spiritual celebration. May the Almighty accept their prayers for the benefit of the whole world

 In the Jewish Faith, Do not Fearis repeated often in the Torah The Jewish Holy book. As big as our fears are, God is bigger still. Moses reminded constantly to the Israelites That they need not fear for God’s protective presence would be with them always

Christians put themselves under Gods protection, under the shadow of his wings

They believe in Gods presence in their midst So do not Fearl am with you” 

I sought the Lord and he answered me and delivered me from all my fearsIf I cross the ravens of death I will fear no evil because you are with me” 

For Buddhism, one needs to understand Fear as a wrong course and avoid it. We remove the cause of our vulnerability by finding spiritual inner refuge. As we are definitely going to die, the fear of death is not constructive


We were born and there is a date when we are going to leave this life

This is a personal experience that I would like to share with you. 

I was thirteen and I was enrolled in a Catholic boarding school. I was taking Latin classes. One day while doing my homework,l was translating a Latin text of Seneca, an Ancient Roman philosopher. All of a sudden I stumbled on one sentence; the meaning was Each Day Bring Us Closer To Our Death.I was petrified, I did move For half an hour. Although I learned about death, the way he put it was to be a brutal revelation. After unwinding my emotions,l wrote an alarming letter to my parents. A few days later, my Mom calms me down by sending a very thoughtful and meaningful letter. She enhanced the fact that Seneca was absolutely right this is the reason why it was paramount 

2. To be grateful to the Almighty for the gift of life and you have to fill your day with love, duty, prayer, and service to others.

3. Enjoy every single detail, be happy and merry. Try to do everything perfectly, study well, dance well play well, be loving, and caring never mean to others even if they are mean to you

You need to live as if it was your last day on earth, apply this sentence taken from the Ancient Roman Poet Horace Carpe Diem“Seize The Day and do it the right way

4. At the same time be organized, pay attention, spare money as if you were going to live for a hundred years in order not to be a burden on your family.side and strive 

To me, this was a perfect recipe for happiness, and every day I was ready to die.No more Fear

In This COVID19 pandemic, l will recommend you to consider the positive side and strive to To understand the benefits you have gained from the situation (those are blessings) rather Than being in a panic 

Sometimes when you are laid off, your kids may celebrate. They can enjoy being with Daddy and Momy and you as well

I was blessed to share my life with my Husband who embraced the same principles 

I will end with the last paragraph of his Memoir, A DREAM FOR PEACE.





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