Will Nurses need to Wear Bulletproof Vests to Work

Sheila Wilson Host of Whine and Cheese and  Sheila is joined by the following, Beckett Aguat, RN, Elizabeth Dalton, RN, Joanne Farnham, RN, Liz McTomney, RN, Holly Brown, Executive Director and Founder of Looking and Feeling Fab.

The shows we have been providing information on the lack of Protection for the Nurses, and other front line workers in the hospital.  One Nurse discusses how dangerous it is getting in the hospital she works at.  In fact, the violence has now increase by over 700% in the hospital she is working at.  These Nurses love being a Nurse and caring for their patients but there is a limit. Patients need to know what is happening at the hospitals and how the violence could affect them.  If the Nurse goes down who is going to protect and take care of You?

There are riots, gangs, drug uses, overdoses that bring violence to the ER.  So the violence in the streets goes directly to the Hospital ER and puts all Nurses and all front-line workers in harm’s way.  This is a very informative interview and very descriptive on what is happening in the ER and it is not pretty.

You can hear in the voices the feeling that there is no one protecting the nurse’s backs at the hospital.  Does the Hospital CEO, Your Representatives, and the Lobbyist Care?  “NO” if they did care they would be more protection for these Nurses and  Hospital Personnel.  Also, where is the Press Coverage in all this.  It is obvious that Press Coverage is only looking for the Stories on the Pandemic. It all boils down to that spreadsheet and the final total!

Please wash your hands with soap and warm water, Wear a Mask, and Social Distance.  Am I thrilled to do these easy solutions, NO, but I do it?  It is not about Me & You. It really is about all of US!

Please join in and listen to this interview on how dangerous it is for the Nurses working in the emergency room and other parts of the hospital. Click here to listen…

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