Betsy’s guest today is Becky Large, who is making her fourth appearance on “Chatting with Betsy!” Becky Large is an entrepreneur in the field of Autism technology, an advocate for Awareness and Acceptance, a Speaker, Educator, CEO, and Founder of Champion Autism Network, CEO of Autism Travel Club, and creator of the Autism Travel App. She also hosts the podcast “Large Impact” on YouTube.

During the interview, Becky Large proudly announces a new partnership between Autism Travel Club and Becoming rentABLE. This collaboration aims to assist families in finding places that are both Autism-friendly and wheelchair accessible, offering Autism readiness training for short-term rentals. Lorraine Woodard serves as the CEO of rentABLE. Becky emphasizes the importance of wheelchair accessibility in vacation rentals.

Becky also shares her involvement in a six-part docuseries titled “Traveling the Spectrum,” produced by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, which follows the journeys of three families. Although the air date for the series is yet to be announced, viewers can check the website for updates.

In addition, Becky discusses encountering cultural challenges related to Autism during a meeting with someone from Swahili culture. She recounts instances where individuals with Autism were believed to be possessed by demons, leading to frightening experiences such as exorcisms. Currently, Becky is collaborating with Tuleane Afrika to develop an Autism Awareness module in Kishwahili.

Furthermore, Becky talks about her new podcast, “Large Impact,” emphasizing the importance of treating all individuals with respect and dignity. She addresses challenges faced by people on the Autism Spectrum in the workplace and highlights the significance of education for employers to create an inclusive environment. Becky underscores the benefits of individuals with disabilities contributing to society and communities.

Lastly, Becky shares the importance of self-care and taking time for oneself. The interview provides valuable insights and resources, with further details available on the respective websites.

Providing the audio interview with Betsy Wurzel and Becky Large on assist families in finding places that are both Autism-friendly and wheelchair accessible, offering Autism readiness training for short-term rentals.


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