By Jeanne White and Vicki Zandier
May 25, 2022

In this episode, Sheila Wilson interviewed Heidi Wilde. She is an Independent Wellness Partner for Amare Global, a Mental Wellness Company founded in 2018. Heidi Wilde is certified in Mental Fitness through the Functional Food Institute. 

Sheila Wilson and Heidi Wilde discussed how different organs work in helping mental health. The Brain, Gut, and Heart all work together to create a healthy body and mind.

In recent years, the mental health of Nurses has declined. They need to take care of themselves physically and mentally. The biggest question is how?

Heidi Wilde talked about the use of holistic supplements and lifestyle programs and how they have had a positive impact on her life.

She believes that they could be beneficial to not only Nurses but to everyone.

63 years old and Heidi is here to say we can feel amazing no matter how old we are !!

“Wilde” about wellness and sharing about gut health and natural ways to feel amazing !
Heidi Wilde

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