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  OUR COMMON FAITH:  WHY DO INDIVIDUALS PRACTICE A SPLIT FAITH? Mrs. Berrah will be discussing the following:  The topic is common to all faiths. We could be Jewish, Christians  or Muslims. Most of us practice sometimes a split faith. This can be applied to Buddhists, Hinduists or other beliefs as well. To listen to this very inspiring interview with Mrs. Berrah on the subject of Faith:   Click here to listen… If you would prefer […]

  Lillian Cauldwell Host of Cool your Heels guest this week Is Aaron McCormick. Author, Artist, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker.  On this interview Lillian and Aaron discussion on his newly released book “Unbounded” Book Synopsis:  “They are the loudest questions, yet most ignored and unanswered. You know…the inescapable ones not formed by words but felt as energy “within” regarding every important decision, endeavor and relationship. Will this be right for me? Am I fulfilled? What is my unique […]

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy guest today on the show is Julia Stubbe, Radio Host On Call to Heal. Julia Stubbe is an intuitive spiritual counselor and a channel for healing energy, specializing in assisting people in overcoming emotional blockages, spiritual issues, and physical conditions, as well as encouraging growth and wellness within themselves. If you are looking for a Spiritual breakthrough then this interview is for you. Let us know if you […]

This blog was written by Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah Host of Our Common Faith   Before starting our conversation l invite you to observe a moment of silence In honor of Covid-19 victims.  OUR COMMON FAITH –  WHY ARE PEOPLE SO AFRAID?  Fear is a topic common to all human beings because most people tend to be afraid,  1. FEAR IS INTRINSIC TO OUR HUMAN NATURE  It is a human inclination to display fear when confronted […]

Our Guest Host, Our Common Faith with Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah will be speaking about The Meaning of Life.  We all wonder about the Meaning of Life and there are some that really have no idea. To listen to this very informative audio with Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah – Click here to listen… To watch the video with Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah and the Meaning of Life There is a book that works along with this Guest Blogging […]

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