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Holly Brown interviews Makeva Deas and how and why she found Looking and Feeling Fab.  Makeva found Holly Brown at the YMCA and the Live Strong program.  Makeva was diagnosed with the BRCA gene and the decisions Makeva had to make on treatment and surgery. There is not much talk about the BRCA Gene and the preventive measures for help on decisions.  Makeva speaks how it was a turning point meeting Holly Brown and her […]

Whine and Cheese Show with Host Sheila Wilson.  The guests that will be on the Whine and Cheese Show today with Sheila Wilson, RN, will be Elizabeth Dalton, RN, Amy Smith, RN, and Beckett Augat, RN.  The discussion will be on the COVID-19 and the Nurses working in an abused environment on the front lines. It is amazing that this type of abuse is still alive and well. The hospitals maybe denying staff enough equipment […]

i Welcome to The Writer’s Stop with  International Host Elizabeth James. Elizabeth James has a wonderful guest joining her, Stephen Oliver talking about his book Unleash Your Dreams. They discuss how this book is a helpful guide to making your dreams come true and one of the most important ingredients is setting goals.   We all have the ability to make things happen for ourselves and part of the problem for many could be a lack […]

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy tells her story on how a young woman found her voice and became an Advocate. Betsy speaks about the beginning to be her son Josh’s advocate.  That was the beginning of the journey of being an advocate. There are many ways Betsy speaks about her role as an Advocate.   Betsy is a seasoned caregiver and has been on this journey for many years.  Many caregivers have a wealth […]

  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Lisa Welsh, Director of the Homes for Heroes Foundation.on Homes for Heroes. “Donating these funds to support our military veterans who face a housing crisis or a need for emergency financial assistance is how the Homes for Heroes Foundation can help those who bravely served and sacrificed for us,” says Lisa Welsh, Director of the Homes for Heroes Foundation.” This is the third year the Homes for Heroes Foundation has donated […]

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