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1.02.2020 Interviewed Megan Hargrove, “Ride with the Assassin” on Cool Your Heels with Lillian Cauldwell Brief Biography   Megan Hardgrave’s interests include World History and America’s Civil War, travel, creating gourmet pies, and classic movies. Her passion is developing historical products for her company Collectible Profiles.  She enjoys communicating with other Lincoln enthusiasts. Megan’s mission to share Lincoln’s life and legacy is strong. Megan lives in Carrollton,  Texas.   SYNOPSIS:       “Ride with the Assassin”  @ & Barnes […]

  This is a New Series at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Our Common Faith: A Plea for Inter-Faith Harmony. This series will be produced once a month through Passionate World Talk Radio and Mrs.Berrah.  There is a book that goes along with this series. The information for the Book is displayed in this blog.  We hope you will enjoy this series and send your questions or comments to Passionate World Talk Radio. Here is […]

12.13.19  Interview with Dr. Rita Wilkins, Downsize Your Life Upgrade Your Lifestyle Thank you for all support.

Surprising Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Marriages By Dr. Dellia Evans “Why did you stay so long?” was the question my mother asked me when I finally got a restraining order and filed for divorce to end my abusive marriage of twenty years to my first husband.  She asked me that question after I had fled the state of Oklahoma in July 2009 with my two young children and found refuge in the home where […]

I1.18.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian Cauldwell interviewed Chris Herrmann, ” The Youthful Art of Mid Life Travel” How Baby Boomers Can Travel the World for Less Than it Costs to Stay Home   Ask people why they don’t travel and many will say they can’t afford it. But international travel expert Chris Herrmann begs to differ. In fact, he makes the seemingly outrageous claim that it is cheaper to travel the world than to […]

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