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Innov8tive Nutrition:

What is it?

Get balance in your life with innov8tive patches.

Wondering if it works?

Ask Lillian at and ask her about her Weight Loss program.

At the age of 69 years young, it gets more difficult to lose weight especially if you’re a women. However, I’m here to tell you that I have lost 2 inches off my hips. My hips are now 38 inches around. I hope to get my hips back down to 36 inches.


Because it would be nice to wear stockings without garter belts for one.

I can’t wear the tights anymore due to yeast infections so I must find another way to wear stockings. The ones that keep themselves up with elastic. Only if your thighs aren’t too big. I’m sure I”m not the only lady with that problem.

My doctor advised me to lose 10 pounds, down to 160.

I’m stubborn.

I want to get back down to 145.

Will I make it?

You betcha!

With your help, sponsorship, motivation, inspiration, and cheering section, I’m asking YOU to help me Sponsor a program at innov8tive nutrition so I can help the veterans get their lives back together after experiencing PTSD from their services to our great and glorious country.

Please click on this link:

A PORTION of the proceeds go directly to the Veterans to help them deal with PTSD!

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