Just what were Ashley’s three little words?
Betsy Wurzel’s guest is Ashley Rhodes-Courter, LCSW a Keynote  Speaker, NYT Bestselling Author, and An advocate for Foster Care Reformation.  Ashley is the author of, “Three  Little Words” and “Three More Words “
Betsy and Ashley discuss her experiences in Foster Care, from caseworkers to abusive Foster parents. She also speaks about how reformation is needed in Foster Care System and how COVID affected the children in Foster Care System.
This is an interview for all to listen to.  Besty and Ashley speak very candidly on abuse, foster care, and more: Click here to listen… 
Ashley Rhodes-Courter was selected for L’Oreal’s Women of Worth campaign and would appreciate your Vote and Ashley can win $25,000 dollars which will be used for her Sustainable Families Organization which helps families in many ways!
To purchase Ashley Book “Three Little Words  on Amazon: Please Purchase Here
This book has received outstanding reviews and also this book has been published in multiple countries.
Providing the following contact information for Ashley Rhodes-Courter
National CASAGAL:  https://nationalcasagal.org
Ashley Rhodes-Courter Website:  http:/_rhodes-courter.com
Ashley Rhodes-Courter Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Rhodes-Courter

Sustainable Families Foundation Website: www.sustainablefamiliesfoundation.org/about-foundation/

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