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On this 12th Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show, I gave the titles of my 3 books for new listeners: Moses & Jesus the Shamans, and my Proof Animals Have Souls Series, namely Proof Animals Have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian. All are Ebooks and Paperbacks on Amazon and other online bookstores. Scholarly, peer reviews are on my website. By clicking on my website book images it takes listeners to the Amazon Book Links. I welcomed listeners to contact me with their views and questions and thanked listeners for their Amazon and Online Bookshop Reviews.

As a passionate, decades-long vegetarian and psychic, psychical researcher myself, today Jackie interviewed Lee Craven, an English mediumistic ghost hunter. Lee was born in 1979 in West Yorkshire and has a teenage son and daughter. Currently, Lee runs an urban exploring channel on YouTube called “Rhythm Decay Urbex” and in the past, he has worked with deceased, international medium Derek Acorah and West Yorkshire Paranormal Ghost Dimension on Amazon Prime and Sky TV.

Lee gave a heart-warming account for bereaved animal lovers, of his evening sighting of his spirit dog sitting comfortably in her usual place on the house stairs! Tragically, Lee’s dog had passed to spirit earlier that day at the vet. Lee could see his so-called ‘deceased’ dog, that same evening in her favorite spot, as clearly as he could see you or! I asked Lee to share with listeners some of his most exciting ghost-hunting ventures, time permitting. Lee told listeners about his many amazing experiences of Rose, the spirit child who passed with consumption in the 1800s, and the moody old male spirit witnessed at the dog-friendly, English pub, built in the 1600s, named the Old Glen House in Baildon, West Yorkshire.

The origins of the English pub’s original, characterful, wooden, ceiling beams were traced dating back to an English ship in the 1600s! Apart from spirit activity being sensed by Lee’s mediumistic abilities, countless customers over many years, including ghost hunting equipment, have all verified spirit activity in this centuries-old English Pub! Time constraints limited Lee’s fascinating description of spirit activity in an 1800s Stockport, England, Workhouse, where workers were treated like captive prisoners. This building later became an Asylum.

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